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The scheme encourages employers to help the armed forces by employing ex-defence personnel and support those who are already enlisted for reservist duties.

To be recognised by the government for the award, an employer must show a commitment to employing current or former members.

It was through working with visually impaired people that Gavin Neate came to realise pedestrian crossings could be a hindrance to their progress.He said: "I've been based in Kabul for four months and have two weeks' leave.I'm a military police officer with the RAF."In Kabul I work in close protection, we're looking after a VIP for our duration.Newport Transport currently employs 16 people who have served or still are serving in the armed forces, 12 of who are bus drivers.They include Gareth Jones, a former member of the RAF police squadron and veteran of the Northern Ireland conflict, who is projects manager at the bus company.

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